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Insurance: Car, Life, Health and More.

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For each of the banners below, you will see:
The Size, Type and Source of the Banner.
TARGETurl: The URL of your link.
IMAGEurl: The URL for the banner.
TinyURL: A Shortened Link to be used as Target URL as needed.
You are welcome to Save and Use any of the Banners for your ASN Links.
See the bottom of the page for more detailed information.

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More Detailed Information

To use these banners in advertising you will most often need to know the TARGETurl and the IMAGEurl to set up the advertisement. You may also need to know the size of the banner that you intend to use.

Social Networks

You can share your pages using the Social Sharing Links on your ASN Pages. For more control you may wish to place your links directly. With the exception of Facebook, it is Recommeded that you use a link shortener for most social networks. It is an unfortunate reality that whenever the little guy finds a way to get ahead, the big guns come along and say, "that must not be right." Many ASN Users have found their links blocked or other problems when they used their ASN Links.
The IBOurl Shortener and many other great tools can be yours for free at IBO Toolbox, the free Social Network for Independent Business Owners.

On Facebook, you can have more control of what you share if you are using a Fan Page. Pages with images in place will give you the option of changing those images by uploading from your own images. You are welcome to save these ASN Link Banners to your computer.
The minimum size for Facebook is 200x200. 250x250 works nicely.
GIFs do not show properly on Facebook. That is why I have included so many Static images on these pages.
The large size facebook image is 1200x627.

HTML to Place Banner on Page

<a href="TARGETURL">
<img src="IMAGEURL" style="border:1px solid black; width: 125px; height: 125px;" alt="All Solutions Network"></a><br>

To Learn More About Marketing

ASN works best when you use it and share it. If you want to get serious about your marketing efforts, see the menu at the top of this page.
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